St. Patrick's Day 2022

On March 17, 2022 at 3:30pm Chickie set out with Janice, Cylex and Nick the Rat on NAPPN TV LIVE to find Leprechauns and their Pot of Gold.

The plan was to find the Leprechauns by finding a rainbow first.

Where could the crew find a rainbow? Niagara Falls!


We got to Goat Island in Niagara Falls, New York and walked down to Horseshoe Falls.

Hummm, no rainbow here. The Canadians must not have Leprechauns!

That's odd, the lower walkway is completely closed off. Nobody cleared the snow away! Odd, there are footprints down there!!

Could those belong to the Leprechauns?!


Many people were asked if they had seen any Leprechauns, no one admitted to seeing any. We even asked a guy in a kilt!

We asked the Canadian Geese and the friendly Black Squirrels. None admitted to seeing any Leprechauns!

We did not give up hope yet!


The crew continued to American and Bridal Falls. There was a brilliant rainbow coming out of a huge ice burg. How odd! It was 70 Degrees Fahrenheit!

The lower walkway to these falls was completely closed off as well.

What gives?

How can we get down there?! We Can't!!!!

The Leprechauns must have hid their Pot of Gold in the ice burg! Great hiding place Leprechauns!


Then it occurred to them that Governor Hochul is IRISH!

Maybe we have uncovered a St Pats Conspiracy. Maybe Governor Hochul is the Leprechaun Queen and protecting the Leprechauns and their Pot of Gold?!

Nobody was allowed anywhere near any of the three waterfalls!

The rainbow was so close, but completely unreachable!

The odd ice burg remained under the rainbow. That must be where the Gold is Hidden!

The crew gave up and head back to the parking lot.

Feeling defeated by the Leprechauns and Governor Hochul for closing off access to the waterfalls on a 70 degree, warm sunny St. Patrick's day, we were all frustrated.

It was completely impossible to get to the end of the rainbow without doing something illegal and potentially dangerous.

As the crew was ending their investigation, feeling disappointed they did not find any Leprechauns or Pots of Gold, something golden glistened in the sun up ahead.

What could it be?!


It was a shitty end to the investigation.

The Pot of Gold is SHIT! The Lore is SHIT!

This Lore has been debunked as SHIT.

This story and investigation was just for fun and a joke.

No people or animals were harmed during this investigation.

Hope you enjoyed.

Happy St. Pats 2022