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The North American Psychic and Pararnormal Network is one of the largest, international collaborations of paranormal and esoteric networking protocols. 

Unlike other networks, these protocols are not limited to the corporate world wide web where free speech is inhibited! 

NAPPN prides itself on delivering you safe opportunities to learn and grow without being inhibited, criticism or judgment.  

We welcome you to learn more about a protocol called: (IRC) Internet Relay Chat.  This part of the internet, (IRC) and these chats are not moderated or controlled by corporate websites, looking to limit your free speech. They are not web-based.

To maximize your chatting experience and networking capabilities with us, we encourage you to please download and learn how to use an IRC Client. Just like your web-browser is a web-client (app), there are chat clients (apps) for IRC. A whole other part of the internet!

Within this section, you will find links and information to access our web chats, information, and clients. The disadvantage of using the web chats, is you are limited to having multiple tabs open for each simultaneous chat. We encourage you to download an IRC Client and use the help feature of each app to learn how to use it!

Learn What an IRC Client (App) is

Choose and Download an IRC Client

How to use IRC (Basics)

NAPPN Recommended IRC Servers and Chat Channels to use with your IRC Client: