Case Evaluation

There are many types of investigators that should play a role in any well managed case evaluation. If you believe that something is wrong, most likely it is.

Well-being exists on three levels. Mental, physical and spiritual. 

To perform a proper case evaluation it will be very important to build a strong support system consisting of an interdisciplinary team of licensed and certified experts from all three levels to help you resolve any presumed paranormal problem in your home, in your life.

Please check with your local United Way for referrals to licensed, board certified and credentialed experts in your local area.

An interdisciplinary team of experts includes and is not limited to:

*Special Note: You may have noticed we did not include psychics or paranormal investigators in this list. The reason being, psychic and paranormal investigators do not have a regulated industry. Due to a lack of regulation in North America, the reputation for psychics or paranormal investors has been regarded as fraud, scams or bunk science.

We cannot ignore the science first for the safety of the adults and children affected by potentially harmful elements in their lives. These matters can be addressed by licensed, bonded, insured professionals on a capable team of interdisciplinary experts first and foremost.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Reverend Chickie Haute

North American Psychic and Paranormal Network